Except where otherwise noted, these files are offered for personal, non-commercial use.

Unit Roster

A form-fillable PDF of a single unit roster, and an A4 four-unit roster for printing and filling out by hand.

Platoon Roster

An A5 PDF to keep track of the units in your roster for ease of use during play.

Quickstart Rules

Not ready to take the plunge into the Hypersteel Nightmare and want a quck taste of the rules? The quickstart is for you! Two sample platoons and all the rules you need to play a short game.

Quick Reference Guide

Flipping back and forth getting you down? Download and print the Quick Reference guide in either A5 PDF or pre-formatted A4 booklet form for easy access to commonly used rules and tables.

Token Sets

Whilst premium acrylic tokens are available in the store, we also provide a PDF download for printable tokens (print onto cardstock and then use circle punches available from your local craft store to cut them out, or scissors and patience) and DXFs for those with access to a laser cutter to make your own.

Launch Press Pack

Want to cover Hypersteel Nightmare? Download our press pack containing promotional images, high resolution logos and product photography as well as our launch press release.