Epigram Games Ltd is a small independent games studio based in Nottingham, UK. It’s the creation of Connor Shearwood and Edwin Moriarty. These two friends decided to pool their experience in the traditional games industry to create Hypersteel Nightmare.

Connor Shearwood is games and miniatures designer from Nottingham, UK. They have written everything from RPGs to miniatures and board games, with a focus on hard science fiction including providing support to other designers and writers on treading the line between believable and fun in their own science fiction. They also design scale models and laser cut model kits, some of which you can find for sale here.

Edwin Moriarty is a games designer and developer working in Nottingham, UK. He’s worked in traditional games of all kinds over the years, from RPGs to miniature wargames. He’s helped develop games for companies like Modiphius and Mantic, but striking out with his own company has been a life-long dream. He lives with his husband, son and several thousand tiny plastic people. His true occupation is an ongoing struggle to find enough storage space.