Hypersteel Nightmare is a tabletop skirmish battle game of brutal vehicle combat across a billion planets. You’ll create custom units to represent your favourite small-scale miniatures, and build platoons of vicious fighting machines out of them. Your tabletop becomes one of near-infinite war-torn worlds, fought over by millions of petty empires. A full game plays out with roughly 6-10 models for each player, across a 3’x3′ board.

In the core rulebook you’ll find:

  • Full rules for playing tense brutal clashes between armoured platoons
  • Rules for all kinds of vehicles including tanks, mechs, flyers and more
  • A huge range of unit types, upgrades and weapons letting you represent almost any model you might own
  • 8 scenarios designed to represent different kinds of clashes including asymmetric missions and small skirmishes
  • In-depth but easy to use terrain rules covering everything from simple concrete barriers to metal-devouring insect swarms

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